About Us

Who is Blue Frog and What are They All About?

Put simply, Blue Frog is a design and construction managment firm. The difference between us and the other companies, is that we work on several different levels.

For the consumer, we build patio covers, pergolas, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens along with offering swimming pool design, consultation, and project management.

For the pool builder, we offer project design along with consultation with regards to market evaluation, hydraulics, lead development, the sales process, the construction process and water chemistry.

Our Team

David Simmons

Over the last 10 years, I've held nearly every job in the swimming pool industry. Knowing that good design is the foundation of any great project, I've learned that most builders don't care...wanting only to get the sale and move on to the next one, and that most homeowners see value in the services of a professional designer, but feel they can't afford it. The reality is that for only a few hundred dollars you can insure that your project will compliment your home and add value, rather than end up being an eyesore that you can't get rid of.

I founded Blue Frog with the hopes of helping both builders and consumers. As a freelance designer with a background in architecture, my main focus is producing great designs that keep with sound design principles. I work with builders on a daily basis all over the United States to insure not only that their projects stand out from the rest, but consult with them on various ways and better engineering practices to build a better swimming pool. I also hold several seminars on a annual basis to help business owners understand the importance of great design, and to help them market and grow their companies.

In addition to consulting with swimming pool builders, I work with homeowners in the Houston, TX market with design, bid analysis, and firm selection, as well as build patio covers, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. As time allows, I also take on a limited number of pool remodels annually. I am a family man, married for 13 years to my lovely wife and we have five beautiful children. I wouldn't trade the times my family enjoys in our backyard for anything in the world, and hopefully, you will allow me to assist you with developing your outdoor space. Thanks for stopping by, and if there are any lingering questions you might have, feel free to contact me.

Ryan Simmons

With over 15 years of experience in carpentry and general construction, Ryan keeps your projects on track and on budget. Most companies will boast about their level of supervision when the reality is it's just the opposite (some think supervision means you come around when it's time to collect your draw payment). Ryan is strictly hands on. When you need him, you will rarely need to reach for your phone, but rather just open your back door. He not only makes sure that the subs comply with our rigid specifications, but he's been known to pick up a hammer from time to time himself.

In addition to being very busy keeping Blue Frog jobs on track, he finds time to relax by playing music. Ryan is the bass player for Idiginis; a reggae band based out of Houston. Over the years, Ryan has had the priviledge to play with world renowned talent such as The Wailers, The Commadors (post Lionel Richie), Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, Eek-a-mouse, Michael Rose, Don Carlos, and Freddie MacGregor. Besides regular sets at various clubs in the Houston area, they've toured all over the United States and Mexico. Idiginis is currently about to release their second album.

He is a devoted son, brother, and uncle to my children.